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Paul Kelly
Broken Social Scene
Broken Social Scene
Forgiveness Rock Record

Original Release Date:  May 4, 2010

Track Listing
  • 1. World Sick
  • 2. Chase Scene
  • 3. Texico Bitches
  • 4. Forced to Love
  • 5. All to All
  • 6. Art House Director
  • 7. Highway Slipper Jam
  • 8. Ungrateful Little Father
  • 9. Meet Me in the Basement
  • 10. Sentimental X's
  • 11. Sweetest Kill
  • 12. Romance to the Grave
  • 13. Water in Hell
  • 14. Me and My Hand
  • Susan Voelz: Violin, Guest Appearance
  • Alison Chesley: Cello, Guest Appearance
  • Roger Seibel: Mastering
  • John McEntire: Synthesizer, Drums, Gong, Producer, Engineer, Vibraphone, Omnichord, Mixing, Wurlitzer, Sequencers, Group Member
  • Douglas McCombs: Guest Appearance, Whistle
  • Andrew Whiteman: Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Prepared Guitar, Group Member
  • Sam Prekop: Vocals, Guest Appearance
  • Spiral Stairs: Vocals, Guest Appearance
  • Eric Claridge: Bass, Guest Appearance
  • David Hodge: Trombone
  • Bryden Baird: Trumpet, Guest Appearance
  • Broken Social Scene: Producer
  • Brendan Canning: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Loops, Soloist, Group Member
  • Jason Collett: Vocals (Background)
  • Charles Spearin: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Trumpet, Keyboards, Melodica, Farfisa Organ, Soloist, Memory Moog, Effects, Drawing, Guitar Effects, Group Member
  • Ohad Benchetrit: Guitar (Electric), Engineer
  • Evan Cranley: Trombone
  • Kevin Drew: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Vocals, Mellotron, Vibraphone, Synthesizer Bass, Group Member
  • Emily Haines: Vocals
  • Justin Peroff: Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Drum Machine, Artwork, Art Direction, Electronic Drums, Simmons Drums, Effects, Cover Painting, Prepared Piano, Group Member, Layout
  • John Crossingham: Vocals (Background)
  • Leslie Feist: Vocals
  • Leon Kingstone: Saxophone, Sax (Tenor)
  • Sam Goldberg: Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Xylophone, Sitar (Electric), Group Member
  • Sebastien Grainger: Vocals (Background), Engineer, Guest Appearance
  • Amy Millan: Vocals
  • Joe McKay: Artwork, Art Direction, Layout
  • Martin Davis Kinack: Guitar, Engineer, Group Member
  • Julie Penner: Violin
  • Paul Von Mertens: Flute, Clarinet (Bass), Flute (Alto), Guest Appearance
  • Robyn Kotyk: Art Direction, Layout
  • Lisa Lobsinger: Vocals, Group Member
  • Jimmy Shaw: Guitar, Vocals
  • John O'Mahony: Vocal Engineer
  • Ian Moore: Vocal Engineer
  • Elisabeth Chicoine: Photography, Photo Courtesy
  • Jimmy Collins: Photography, Photo Courtesy
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